Family law

family law

We work with clients who go through the divorce procedure in order to:

1) Safeguard their rights to the matrimonial property and post-divorce finance.

2) Enforce their rights vis-à-vis the matters of child support and child care after divorce.

3) Ensure their rights with regards to post divorce child care arrangements are protected.

4) Secure a favorable settlement of all the matters that arise from the breakdown of the marital relationship.

To guarantee the success of our clients as well as our bespoke and person centered service we ensure uninterrupted and effective communication with our clients from the very outset so that nothing is left in chance. The key to the success for our Court representation in Family Law Cases is the thorough preparation of every case, the extensive and deep knowledge and application of the Cypriot Family law statute and case precedent, and a strict and unwavering commitment to the discretion and confidence required in delicate family law matters.

What makes our law firm special is that we specialize in family law matters. We routinely handle matrimonial cases in all relevant matters and we maintain working relationships with specialist witnesses required in family law cases so that we are in a position to assist you present your case in Court without problems. We undertake, inter alia, the following cases:

• Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage Cases

• Child Custody Issues and Children Visitation Arrangements

• Spouse Support

• Child Support

• Matrimonial Property Disputes

• Protective Measures for Dealing Effectively With Domestic Violence

• Implementation of Alimony, Custody or other Matrimonial Court Orders

• International Child Abduction Cases

• Adoption Procedures

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